Pre-game prep: 6 diet changes

Some changes are harder than others. Here are the six things I changed as of Day 1 of the diet. In other words, this is the pre-game prep before I even looked at diet.

1. Ditch the soda pop. At 150 calories a can, and 10-15 teaspoons pf sugar, this stuff ain’t doing me any good. I have to admit, kicking the habit took me a few tries and if I go out for lunch, I will sometimes still order a cola. But the hard and fast rule is: no soda at home, and none at school (work).
2. Just add water. I’ve seen conflicting info about whether you need 8 glasses of water a day or not I think I do. It replaces the alcohol and pop I was drinking. I never was a big fan of fruit juice which always seemed just like pop to me for all the calories it has. But so far, my formula is working for me so I’m not meddling with it. Eight glasses of water. Minimum.
3. Cut out sugar add-ons. I once drank coffee with two sugars, which I think about it, is like having a soda pop in the morning. Coffee with milk and sugar? Can’t even taste the coffee as a sailing buddy of mine used to tell me. So goodbye sugar. I still have coffee with milk, maximum two a day. I’ve never been one to have coffee after breakfast.
4. Say goodbye to pizza. This is my choice because I am addicted to pizza. But I have a confession. When I lived in Ottawa, I had found THE best pizza joint. In Richmond, I have yet to taste a decent pizza, only pale comparisons. And the chain pizzas? Forgeddaboutit. This one hasn’t been too hard to give up on, although as you’ll read in my blog post, I did have a planned debauch last week that included some zaza. Next time, instead of spending $25 on pizza plus tip, think I’ll buy a chunk of beef tenderloin. That will keep me happy.
5. Bye Bye Booze. Don’t skip reading this part, even though this might be the hardest of all. I love my wine. But it doesn’t love me. Sure it provides relaxation and a nice buzz is a wonderful thing. But then it wants to be fed, and my alcohol likes pizza at eleven at night. NOT. GOOD. Getting rid of alcohol comes with challenges. It is for example, most of my friends’ go-to when celebrating. So that’s a challenge I have yet to conquer. It took years, though, for me to get this big and it’s time to get serious and make some changes before I have a heart attack. So, in my typical balancing of “I want to keep drinking” versus “how is it costing me?” it’s no contest. Booze, you gotta go. Maybe we can be friends again later.
6. Buy a calendar. Yeah, I know, this isn’t a dietary change. I printed out a cheap calendar (pictured above). For every day that I go to the gym, I put an orange X through the day. For every day that I don’t drink, I put a green + through the day. It’s satisfying, even at this early stage, to see the accomplishment. (It also tells me I need to get my ass into the gym more than twice a week). In previous attempts to lose weight, I’ve had an accountability partner but it doesn’t work for me. I mean, how was she going to stop me from eating a raft of cookies? Come over and beat me up? But this calendar is nice and visual and I’m proud of it. When I slip – as well I might – it will be there, announcing the fact to me in brilliant color.

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