My Step Two: Have a Motivating Factor

You’ve heard, perhaps, that abs are made in the kitchen? Mine were made in a brewery. That six pack is a twenty-four. But the point here is not booze – that’s a post for another day. This post is about setting a goal. It seemed to me that ONE of the reasons I haven’t adhered to a diet before is because there’s been nothing at the other end to give me inspiration. OK, I’ll be  thin. But so what? On its own, that’s not enough.

I figured I needed a goal, something to work toward. In 2011 I rode a 165 mile bicycle ride from Miami to Key West to raise funds for local charities. I weighed 270 pounds. The joke was that the organizers were worried that I would keel over during the race. I wasn’t really sure if that was a joke or whether my friends were having me on. But I finished the ride. One of the great moments in bicycling is when you do your first century – your first 100 miles.  As I rounded the corner into Duck Key a phalanx of observers was there applauding all the riders. It was an amazing moment. Then the next morning, finishing the last sixty-five miles. What a feeling of accomplishment.

I decided that if I set Smart Ride as my goal again for this year, I would have incentive to drop the weight. That’s November 2018. Eleven months away.  At 5 pounds per month I would be down to the same weight I was the last time I rode. If I lose 7 pounds per month I’d be lighter than I was in 2011. I can live with that kind of motivation!

I’ve decided to step up the plan. I’ve added two more century rides, one in June 2018 (to fight cancer) from Philly to Atlantic City and one in August (to fight MS) from Ottawa to Cornwall.  So meet this goal I hope to be at 270 by June. That’s six months to lose 55 pounds.  10 pounds a month.  Two to three pounds a week.  Aggressive but realistic.

I’m buying my bike in the second week of January, but in the meantime, training has begun. My exercise at the gym is on the stationary bicycle, up until I get my bike in January and can hit the open road. I’m excited for the riding – there is no feeling like it. These motivations keep me committed to my diet. Abs may be made in the kitchen – and diet is key. But I’m not bicycling 100 miles unless some weight comes off and these legs of mine are in shape.

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