My Step One: taking the fizz out of soda.

My first post. Here goes. I started my diet on December 16, 2017. There was no earth shattering event that made me wake up in the morning saying today is the day. I was thinking, “if not today, then when?” and there was no good answer other than “I guess today’s the day”. I knew that before I started dieting, I had two things to get under control. My love for “adult beverages” and soda pop. And sugar.

I grew up on cola. As a military brat I lived in a India as a child and cola – oh hell, Coca-Cola, there was no Pepsi around in India then – was often a safer choice than the water. Now, I left India forty years ago, so that excuse doesn’t really hold up anymore. But if I look back on the past year, I have been drinking four to six cans a day. Clearly that has to go.

For me, ditching soda is simply a matter of “I don’t do that (anymore).” So I quit cold turkey. I will still have a coke when I go out to a restaurant, but that habit too I realized needed to get under control. I expect I will ditch the soda habit entirely before too long. Some people have suggested that I instead switch to diet coke, but you know, it sounds crazy, but I never really wanted to put that fake stuff in my body. I don’t mind blimping up to 330 pounds, but somehow putting asparatame or whatever it is, is offensive to me. Go figure.

Truth be told, I started cutting back on coke about two months ago. Just stopped buying it at the store. So my only cokes for the past two months have been from going out or ordering in. And here lies what I think is the right way to approach weight loss. Don’t start your diet until you can eliminate this monster from your life. So I’ve gone two months without. I learned a small thing about food labels too. If you divide the grams of sugar by four, you get the number of teaspoons of sugar. A can of cola has about sixteen teaspoons of sugar!

Feels great to not be drinking that amount of sugar. I took a night off from being super careful about what I am eating, and ordered a pizza — and a pepsi. After the soda, I felt the sugar rush and had trouble sleeping that night. I’ve often had problems sleeping; I’ve often chalked it up to being an insomniac. Since ditching the sugary I’m sleeping like a baby.

I need to add something. There are arguments out there about high fructose corn syrup versus cane sugar versus natural sugar. But when it comes to soda, here’s the easy choice. I’m 50. Cola is not important to my life. I know that it dumps a lot of sugar into my body that I don’t need. So it has got. to go.

So that’s what I’ve done. Before starting the food diet, ditched the soda. Call it, my Step One.

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