Hi! I’m Shawn Record. Thanks for stopping by.

It’s December 2017.I’m 50 years old and fat. Still. And I’m not the only one out there. I’m hoping that over time I’ll connect with a group of fellow travelers and celebrate our success together as we lose weight. See, I have a plan. It doesn’t involve depriving myself of major food groups, or getting Vitamin B needles jabbed into me while starving myself, or sitting in a room discussing my feelings.

I’m a great planner. But for some reason I’ve managed to escape applying it to myself. Well if not now, when? I’m going to write in this blog about my plan as I go, and talk about the things faced by fat people (me!) along the way. Comments are welcomed.

The plan is to lose two pounds a week. I’m 330 pounds right now, and I want to be at 180. So, 150 pounds to go.